What Can Be Done With A VPN?

November 20, 2022
15 Awesome things you can do with a VPN

Top 15 Things a VPN May Be Used For :

1.Stop ISP tracking

Escape from your ISP’s prying eyes is one of the first things a VPN will assist you with. Law requires all ISPs to keep track of and document all online user activity, and those that are not forced nonetheless do so.It is possible to build a profile of you and your preferred online activities using the information your ISP gathers about your actions. Without your consent, the government and other authorized organizations may also access it. The worst part is that ISPs are free to sell your data to whoever will pay the most!

2. Use an anonymous web browser

Your IP address reveals your location and ISP every time you visit the internet. Therefore, anything you do online may be linked back to you via your ISP.

The IP address gathered by online resources cannot expose your true identify because a VPN masks it, and it cannot be used to profile you either. Since hundreds of users typically share these IP addresses, it is extremely difficult to link one person to specific behaviors.

Use a VPN service provider that retains no connection or use logs if you want extra privacy so that you cannot be located with a court order. The top four are NordVPN, CyberGhost VPN, ExpressVPN, and IPVanish.

3. Spend less while purchasing online

To increase sales online, internet marketers and advertisers employ a variety of strategies. Geographical segmentation is one of these strategies, in which the same items are distributed to several regions at various prices.

This type of segmentation is heavily influenced by economic status, and the difference between groups can be substantial. For instance, depending on where you are accessing from, different pricing for hotels, cars, and plane tickets are offered. With a VPN, you may change your location and pay less for the same products or services. By deleting your cookies and utilizing a VPN, you may also prevent pricing steering.

4. Use public Wi-Fi safely

We all like using public Wi-Fi, but sadly, most people are not aware of the risks associated with these connections. Since these connections are frequently insecure, hackers may simply steal user data and even install malware via them.

In order to entice customers, some hackers even supply “evil twins,” which are false hotspots that are misrepresented as authentic commercial Wi-Fi. Once you establish a connection, they have the ability to intercept whatever data you transmit over the connection, most of which will be unencrypted. Once you’ve established a connection to a VPN, all the data you transmit over the connection will be encrypted, making it impossible for hackers to intercept it or access to your computer.

Every time you connect to a questionable Wi-Fi network, IPVanish VPN notifies you so you can quickly activate your VPN and secure your data.

5. Unlock additional Netflix series

Geo-restrictions are frequently used by streaming services to control who may access what content. The most well-known streaming service, Netflix, is well-known for this. For each of the 190 nations where it is accessible, the streaming juggernaut offers a unique repertoire.

For instance, Finder estimates that Netflix US has around 13,500 titles available right now. Only around 40% of these are offered in the US, while only about 22% are offered in the UK, which has the second-largest catalog. Some nations only have around 5%!

The good news is that simply switching your virtual location, you can unlock additional Netflix films. For instance, all you have to do to access US-only titles is connect your VPN to a US server. Netflix has the drawback of blocking the majority of VPNs, so you’ll need a VPN that can get over these restrictions.

6. Access Content That’s Geo-Restricted

Regardless of whether you have a subscription or not, many online services, aside from Netflix, which manipulates the content, are only made available for certain countries. A notable example is BBC iPlayer, which is accessible only to UK residents and costs nothing to use elsewhere.

Numerous other services, including Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, Hulu, DAZN, Hotstar, Sky Go, etc., are also subject to same geo-restrictions. However, all of these services may be unblocked by simply connecting to a VPN server in the country where the particular service is offered.

7. Avoid the Government’s Censorship

The content that consumers may access has been carefully regulated by governments all around the world. This includes both light control, like the contentious UK porn ban or the prohibition of torrent websites, and heavy censorship, like the Great Firewall of China (GFW).

In any case, users may still use a VPN to access the internet as if they are from a different nation, essentially getting over any limitations put in place by the government. But if you’re in a place with a lot of restrictions, like China, the United Arab Emirates, or Iran, you’ll have to take extra precautions.

These nations obstruct VPN communication using Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), rendering the majority of VPNs unusable. You’ll need a VPN with obfuscation capabilities in these nations in order to pass off VPN traffic as regular HTTPS traffic.

8. Use your household network

To create a distant connection to your home network, several VPNs offer dedicated/static IP addresses. Once it is configured, you will be able to access all of the devices on your network, including PCs, Raspberry Pis, NAS devices, and security cameras. You won’t have to worry about the distance, and you’ll be connecting to the internet through a network you can trust, making life easier.

You will want a VPN that delivers dedicated IP addresses in order to access your home network. CyberGhost, NordVPN, and SurfShark VPN are the finest of them.

9. Avoid receiving copyright violation notifications

Governments and copyright organizations are anxious to keep an eye on online piracy, and they accomplish this by using the logs that your ISP collects. Copyright trolls keep an eye on online files, use your IP address to find you, and then they could issue a DMCA notification to you or your ISP. Others may pose as authorized representatives of copyright holders in order to get payment from you.

You may use a VPN to download, torrent, or watch anything online without encountering any of these problems. Your ISP will only be able to decipher the fact that you are connected to a VPN because all of your activity will be encrypted. On the other side, since you are not using your actual IP address, copyright trolls won’t be able to find you.

10. Use your bank from outside the nation.

In order to combat fraud, banks and other financial organizations like PayPal are frequently interested in IP addresses. You must exercise caution while using your online payment methods if you plan to travel; otherwise, your account might be suspended. Some banks won’t even allow you to access your portal unless you are physically present in the nation.

Using a VPN will quickly fix this. Connecting to a VPN server in your own country is all that is required if you are outside the nation. The VPN will then provide you a domestic IP address, allowing you to access without drawing attention to yourself.

11. Avoid ISP Throttling

Internet service providers (ISPs) are known to have a propensity to throttle connections, particularly when a customer uses a lot of bandwidth. This may occur while utilizing services like gaming and torrenting, as well as when viewing Netflix or YouTube.

When surfing, this type of throttling is barely perceptible, but with time, you’ll start to realize that your streaming are no longer in HD or that your downloads are taking longer. Actually, Netflix’s own speed test website, fast.com, was created in response to the ISP throttling problem. Users will be able to tell when the ISP is purposefully slowing down traffic in this way.

You only need to connect your VPN to avoid ISP throttling. They won’t be able to slow it down or examine your traffic if it is encrypted.

12. Reduce the cost of VoIP and Skype calls

Long-distance calling is made incredibly easy with the help of VOIP services like Skype. These services are less expensive than conventional long-distance calls and are simple to use. However, depending on your location, because they differ from country to country, VOIP calls can also be pricey.

By utilizing a VPN to alter your location, you can get past this. The prices utilized in your virtual location will be sent to you by VOIP providers after they have read your IP address. This would also be beneficial in nations like the UAE where citizens are compelled to use pricey government-owned services since VoIP calls are prohibited.

13. Make your gameplay more enjoyable

Undoubtedly unknown to you, a VPN may be really helpful for gaming. A VPN for gamers can improve your gaming experience by:

Early game release access
playing games that are forbidden. For instance, more than 50 nations have outlawed the enormously popular GTA franchise!
Defending against DDoS assaults when the going gets tough
Compete against players from different regions by switching your playing region
Connecting to a server close to the game servers will reduce latency.
preventing ISP throttles
Even while utilizing a VPN while gaming might affect your connection, this will essentially not be an issue if you have a strong connection.

14. Keep your IoT devices secure

Due to their severely constrained resources, the majority of IoT devices are not designed with security in mind. As a result, hackers will find it simple to access your gadgets, including air conditioners, smart TVs, home cameras, and smart TVs. Then, these devices might be incorporated into a botnet to carry out illicit operations.

To be sure that your network is secured, you may configure a VPN on your router. Any further attack attempts will target the VPN server, preventing access to your devices from outside the network. You can partition your network to avoid the hassle of having it entirely secured.

15. Maximize the value of “free” services and accounts

You may have visited websites where there were restrictions on how many times you could view articles or how many accounts you could make. These websites use your IP address to accomplish that. With a VPN, you may access information without restrictions or create as many accounts as you like by changing your IP address repeatedly.