Fortinet AIOps targets SD-WAN, 5G

November 27, 2022

Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN and 5G/LTE gateways now enable AI operations, offering clients additional knowledge about the networks connecting their distant resources and speeding up problem-solving.

The business has increased the functionality of its FortiAIOps platform, which collects network data and utilizes analytics and artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to assist detect and automate issue solutions. The FortiAIOps portfolio is now complete with Secure SD-WAN and 5G/LTE in addition to WAN, wireless LAN, and LAN operations on a single interface for managing and securing wired and wireless communication.

The FortiGate series of hardware and virtual components may be used in on-premises, cloud, or hybrid settings thanks to the FortiAIOps service. FortiAIOps offers advice on software and hardware settings and can propose more straightforward solutions to issues.

The Fortinet Security Fabric is enhanced with FortiAIOps, which offers threat detection, threat correlation, intelligence-sharing alerts, threat research, and threat analysis capabilities in addition to security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) capabilities. Threat information is obtained by FortiGuard Labs, which, according to Fortinet, processes more than 6 million devices worldwide and roughly 100 billion security events every day, including malware and zero-day threats.


Nirav Shah, vice president of products at Fortinet, claims that the system learns what typical network behavior looks like and is quick to respond when something is awry. In addition, Shah stated, “We can identify security and network patterns and alert the network operations team to the need for immediate action rather than waiting until a problem arises.

According to Shah, the goal is to increase network visibility while lowering trouble tickets.

The platform can analyze metrics like interfaces, system resources, and ISP bandwidth to find potential issues throughout the WAN by adding support for AIOps to its Secure SD-WAN product, according to Shah.

So, Shah explained, “instead of going through all these various manual troubleshooting stages, the network operations team gets informed right away to where the issue is and if it’s a problem with the data center transport system or it’s an ISP issue.”


According to Shah, the platform also collects 5G and LTE analytics to assist identify patterns in such settings, notably in applications for retail and healthcare.

“With this release, we’re assisting clients in comprehending 5G analytics to keep an eye on heavily used links that can grow overloaded and degrade performance. We can determine your network’s starting point and whether the saturation trend is rising. When a line is about to become overcrowded, we notify the network operations team so they can prepare for capacity before an issue really arises, according to Shah.

The company’s most recent initiatives to strengthen its portfolio include the AIOps support. FortiOS 7.2, a recent update from Fortinet, has 300 new features such as AI support to assist halt network attacks more rapidly, sandboxing to help combat ransomware threats, and better SD-WAN, branch, and edge orchestration.

The company’s SD-WAN solution now includes improved analytics that can assess the efficiency of linked phone and video applications. Additionally, automated deployment and orchestration technologies are included in FortiOS 7.2 to streamline the construction, protection, and administration of branch networks.

The FortiAIOps platform’s new functionalities are currently accessible.