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Getting Started With Wireless Networking

Over the past few years, the earth has become more and more mobile. The world’s traditional methods of networking have proven unable to handle the problems brought on by our contemporary way of life as a society. Users’ mobility is significantly limited when they are required to connect to a network through physical wires. The…

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what is wan

How To Use A WAN? With Example

No matter where they are, users want to always be able to access all of their applications on all of their devices. And they essentially can because of wide-area networks A WAN is fundamentally a network of networks. The Internet is a massive WAN, and there are several ways to connect to it, including via…

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Fortinet AIOps targets SD-WAN, 5G

Fortinet’s Secure SD-WAN and 5G/LTE gateways now enable AI operations, offering clients additional knowledge about the networks connecting their distant resources and speeding up problem-solving. The business has increased the functionality of its FortiAIOps platform, which collects network data and utilizes analytics and artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) to assist detect and automate issue…

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How wireless WAN can make SD-WAN

Wireless WAN Makes SD-WAN Agile And Resilient

The availability and utility of wireless wide area networks (WAN) have started to increase, and the cost of using them has started to decrease. It is capable of reaching rates that are far faster than earlier single or multiple T1 lines and DSL, and it can deliver wide-area access to virtually any physical location. Undoubtedly,…

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