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IP routing: what is it and how it works

What is IP routing? How does it work?

IP routing? Data packets are sent to multiple routers using a routing table. Once received by the next router, the data travels the same path to its final destination. Each router has its own forwarding table depending on the final router’s IP address and IP data packet header. The packet’s IP address is usually enough…

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ransomware Pysa

What is ransomware Pysa?

  How does the ransomware Pysa operate? Pysa, an acronym for “Protect your system amigo,” is seen in ransom notes that are placed on infected devices. To propagate the Pysa ransomware and encrypt victims’ data, hackers utilize phishing emails, brute-force assaults on servers running RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) or AD (Active Directory), and social engineering…

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SOCKS5 proxy

What advantages do SOCKS5 proxies offer?

A SOCKS5 proxy is what? Some VPN services additionally include a SOCKS proxy, which enables customers to conceal their virtual location (also known as location spoofing). You may prevent web services from seeing your IP address by using a SOCKS5 proxy. SOCKS5 supports three different forms of authentication and has improved security: 1. No authentication…

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