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Coordinated parallel resource allocation for integrated access and backhaul networks 2

Integrated access and backhaul network resource allocation coordinated parallelly

Abstract IAB’s architecture gives 5G and beyond networks the ability to manage resources both centralised and decentralised: an IAB-donor, a centralised node, can efficiently coordinate resources with a network-wide view, and IAB-nodes, distributed nodes, can quickly respond to local traffic bursts multiple hops away from the IAB-donor. However, there aren’t many research on handling bursty…

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How to handle blackmail and sextortion

What is sextortion, and how can you prevent it?

Sextortion definition Sexual blackmail takes the form of sextortion. It entails a perverse party obtaining someone’s intimate sexual details, images, or recordings and threatening to make them public. Although sextortion can happen to anybody, it is most common among young people. The offender can attempt to coerce the victim into doing anything against their will…

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