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DNS leak, IP leak

Describe DNS Leak Security problems may arise if the domain name is not sent to the internet service provider. DN leaks are the name for these security problems. The purpose of a VPN is to encrypt the data flow and block access to it. However, a VPN will frequently not need to be disclosed while…

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Browser Fingerprinting

What is Browser Fingerprinting, and how is it used to track you? Your fingerprints are unique and act as a tangible representation of your identity. Any internet user might be identified by their browser settings. The various browsers’ software and hardware configurations differ so greatly from one another that they may be used as user…

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Bandwidth Throttling

Throttling refers to the deliberate slowing down of internet access for a client by an Internet service provider (ISP) or web host. It is a preventive method used in communication networks to regulate network traffic in order to lower bandwidth use and congestion. Once you’ve over a certain use threshold, throttling is a technique used…

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